Microarray Services

The Core offers Methylation, Targeted and Genome-Wide SNP Arrays (GWAS) from Illumina. We have extensive experience with the current generation of Illumina Infinium chemistry with over 180,000 samples processed on various Infinium arrays over the past 10 years. Standard arrays can be run with as little as 50ng of genomic DNA (250-400ng ideal) while the Core can process 100ng of FFPE-based DNA with the addition of the Illumina Restore Kit. Typical call rates exceed >95% for >95% of samples depending on the quality of the source DNA. Pricing for full processing of samples is indicated below. If an array is not listed below or if customization is requested, we can enquire about pricing from Illumina and generate a custom quote. In addition, the Core can also analyze samples for customers who already have Illumina array reagents for a small processing fee.

GWAS Arrays Price Per Sample
Genome-wide SNP Genotyping
Human Core Beadchip $60.00
Omni Express $115.00
Omni 2.5 $195.00
Omni 5 $300.00
Targeted SNP Arrays
OncoArray $48.75
Human Exome $55.00
ImmunoChip Inquire

Methylation Arrays Price Per Sample
Genome-wide Methylation Profiling
MethylationEPIC $381 / sample
Restore $115 / sample